The Brand

The Brand
[Assets = Liabilities + Shareholders Equity]

This Core Accounting Equation underlies every Business Transaction and Bottom Line.

At ALSE we aim at analysing every element that makes up this equation and fine tune it to be efficient, productive and cost effective.


ALSE is a Team of Freelance Professional Business Consultants

Our Consultants are professionals in their respective fields and come together from Industry & Public Practice.

Our CA’s & CPA’s, Designers & Developers with years of experience mentor senior accountants and workflow managers who in turn supervise junior staff and fresh graduates.

By tapping into this pool of talent we are able to manage the business needs of most SME's.

Integrated Services

Integrated Solutions

We are constantly on the lookout for skilled professionals who are keen to offer their specialised skill-sets to service our clients, we are thus able to offer a "One Stop Solution Shop" business model to our valued clients that can give other vendors a run for their money.

This shows our commitment to providing a comprehensive support backbone to our clients business. We are able to tap into a diverse pool of professional talent to give our clients the benefit and expertise of an integrated service network.

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