Networked Professionals

When deciding on how to manage the Accounting, Legal & Compliance aspects of one’s business, whether be a Sole Trader, Business or Company, the Owner factors the following options:

  • Maintain this in-house, this is the best recourse. The business owner is the best CEO, CFO & CA; but there’s only so much you can do, without getting bogged down in the details of transactions. The Owner would prefer to be best informed with summary reports prepared by “Diligent” Professionals.
  • Having a full time accountant on your books is the next best step. The downside however, would be your business completely reliant on an individual who would be the costliest asset on your payroll and in a worst case scenario you might just be training your future competitor.

Today technology has enabled businesses to modularise and outsource typically all its functions, whilst the owner oversees and manages the contracts that constitute the Business.

Working with our qualified and external Accountants, CPA’s, CA’s & CFO’s helps you retain control of your business and decision making whilst benefiting from their or the teams combined knowledge without bearing the payroll cost

ALSE is a step in that direction. Our Professionals are experts from Industry and Public Practice who provide structured Accounting, Taxation & Advisory services at a fraction of the cost of having an in-house CFO of the same capacity.

Our end goal is to make affordable and cost effective Professional Services available to the public.

Our Business Model is designed to help Businesses focus on their Core Competencies leaving the incidental nitty-gritty to us.


We invoice you with matters relating to all services organised through us and in return you benefit from a streamlined expense statement and network discounts with competitive market rates.

We are bound to the client by a contractual, service-level agreement that defines the performance and quality metrics of all work undertaken.

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