Asset Register

Asset Register
Asset Register Maintenance
  • Manage and Track your Assets
    • Track every aspect of your assets, including key asset details, locations, cost centre, vendors and custodians.
    • Keep tabs on them with barcoding and perform regular asset counts to confirm your assets still exist and are located where they should be
  • Asset Depreciation
    • Define your assets book and tax depreciation settings
    • Account for all the financials you need to report on your asset values and depreciation.
    • Define Prime Cost(Straight Line), Diminishing Value Non-Depreciable and Private Use %
    • Automates allocation of Low/General and Software Pools, Full
    • Dep'n on Purchase Thresholds,and Depreciation Car Limits
  • Asset Transactions
    • Manage assets throughout their lifecycle.
    • Track and account for the acquisition, depreciation, write-offs, sales and disposals, revaluations and adjustments
    • Adjust private use % and effective life
  • Asset Reporting
    • Report on every aspect of your assets including depreciation, asset transactions, asset details, asset reconciliation and asset accounting
  • Account for your Assets
    • Account for your assets with real time accounting entries on every action that
      impacts on your book and tax accounting obligations
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