Cash Flow & Budgeting

Cash Flow & Budgeting

Working Capital Requirements

We all understand the importance of a good budget but how often do we get it right in estimating a modest figure as either an overestimation or underestimation can easily distort any dependent analysis.

Getting it right though has its rewards, as:
  • An annual budget helps in goal-setting, it sets the business on track towards its long term goal
  • It is a roadmap to achieve your goals, it must be measurable and actual results benchmarked against targets
  • Without a budget the business will lose focus and motivation to achieve any objective
Why would I need to forecast my Cash Flow?

In a business where working capital is sparse, you would need to accurately predict based on scenarios your future cash surplus or shortage by accounting for non-standard business income/expenditure like tax planning, equipment purchase or hire and meeting other commitments.

We can help you in the following areas
  • Forecast your estimates based on actual's and not trends
  • Stock Control: Holding too much inventory?
  • Plan PPE purchases and expansion
  • Schedule monthly / periodic expenses & taxes
  • Revenue / Expenses analysis to determine key drivers
  • Tweak your fixed & variable Costs
  • Realistic forecasting reports for cash flow & expenses
  • Debtor and Creditor management
  • Financing for short term or long term cash flow
  • Optional Activity Based Costing
  • Tracking budget performance
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