Performance & Benchmarking

Performance & Benchmarking

Meeting KPI?

We help develop performance measures that indicate progress toward a desirable outcome. By designing strategic KPIs we monitor the implementation and effectiveness of an organization's strategies, determine the gap between actual and targeted performance and determine organization effectiveness and operational efficiency.

Performance measurement tools we use
  • The Balanced Scorecard - The Balanced Scorecard consists of a Strategy Map and linked measures and indicators. A Strategy Map depicts the organization from four distinct perspectives – the financial, customer, internal process, and growth perspective.
  • Costing (ABC) - provides the link between resources and processes
  • Quality Management Programs (TQM) - are intended to improve the quality of manufacturing and service offerings
  • The Performance Dashboard - is a tool for organizing and providing ready access to performance information. The Dashboard is often used in Business Intelligence or Executive Information systems to allow easy monitoring of key performance indicators.
With everything going good, why Benchmark?

Benchmarking is a part of the continuous improvement strategy. It is an extremely critical exercise for businesses operating in a competitive environment. without which you would not gain an insight into your market position.

Key findings from a benchmarking exercise
  • Evaluate opportunities for improvement.
  • What are our strengths & weakness?
  • Are our competitors eating into our market share?
  • Are we meeting customer expectations?
  • Deciding on best industry practice and comparing against it
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