Process Improvement

Process Improvement

Lean Thinking

A good process improvement initiative has all key stakeholders on-board. Individuals from various departments all contribute in joining the dots to form the big picture. Having done this exercise we are able to identify gaps where systems and processes fail in attaining the overall organisational objectives. We take a holistic approach to designing adaptable process improvement solutions which leverage technology to increase productivity without losing on quality and efficiency.

Process improvement is a state of mind that takes you away from routine and enables out of the box thinking. Often this behaviour is discouraged by unimaginative managers who prefer old routines instead of proactive thinking. The organisation is thus never aware of its shortcoming until it's too late and the competition strides ahead by adapting initiative and change.

Knowledge and experience of front-line staff working in each process is used to identify opportunities for improvement. As issues are encountered in processes, the causes are identified and solutions implemented to address them. With each process improvement, including system changes impacting processes, documentation is kept up to date and relevant staff made aware of the change through clear communications and training.

Key outcomes from a successful Process Improvement undertaking
  • Achieve greater business volumes with proportionately fewer staff.
  • Processes are stable and well documented so that they’re understood and reliably performed by staff
  • clearly defined objectives and KPI’s and easily accessible process documentation, letters, forms and business rules.
  • Processes are audited at a predefined frequency to ensure that they are being performed as intended.
  • Corrective actions are assigned and tracked through to completion to maintain process improvement momentum.
  • Process Owners have clear and unambiguous responsibility for process performance.
  • Daily performance boards make team measures highly visible and a regular talking point.
  • The Executive Management Team oversee Continuous Improvement and track performance through system-generated reports, actions and messages.
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