Intrinsic or Market Value

It would be easy to mistake valuation as Accounting process, where the book value is deemed the market value. While this may be true in perfectly competitive markets, however with a mixed asset base compromising of tangible and intangible assets and liabilities, deriving an accurate value can be an extremely technical and creative process.

A good valuation will always be the starting point of your negotiation process. It will help you to create and stick to your budget, knowing well in advance the current and future value your potential investment holds.

Our qualified CA's and CPA's are able to reflect on a combination of accounting information, market data with risk scenarios, the competitive landscape and mostly tax considerations to help you decide the viability of an investment.

Valuations is a process where no two analysts will come up with the same figures, your adviser must thus work with you through the entire process ensuring every detail is meticulously covered.

The following sample valuations are often required by most businesses
  • Buying or selling a business?
  • Going concern determination
  • Joint ventures
  • Investment review
  • Capital raising or IPO's
  • Restructuring
  • Capital gains tax
  • Stamp duty
  • Insurance coverage
  • Relationship breakdown (Partnership or marriage)
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