Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO

Virtual Chief Financial Officer

While every large organisation has a Chief Financial Officer who oversees the Finance Department, Small businesses often do not have the finances nor volume of transactions to justify this role. At best their accountant would serve as a sounding board for the owner's decisions.

Today this high-value added service is offered by few business advisory firms who are able to deliver targeted solutions based on the client's current needs by tapping into their talent pool.

Automation is the key driver in this area, with the advent of cloud computing, bank feeds, digital receipts, the old way of doing things is no more and the digital firm is the new firm of the future.

So if your business at a stage where you need a little assistance to help it develop further and hiring a full time Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is far too costly, consider our virtual CFO services to help you grow your business.

This will allow you to access business resources without having to risk hiring an expensive employee that might not integrate into your business.

When you take on-board our virtual CFO service you literally subscribe to all the service offerings on this website at a fraction of the annual individual service price. Your virtual CFO would be one of our principal Accountants assisted by a senior and 2 junior Accountants.

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