Custom Forms

Ninja Forms

A good-looking form gives your site a professional appearance, and also and helps streamline your online communication. A contact form is a great way to offer your readers the ability to get in touch, without giving out your email address.

Once again you have an array of options to choose from, and the toppers on this list are: Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7.

  • Force required fields and correct data formatting with custom input masks
  • Give your users a success message or redirect them elsewhere after they complete a form
  • Email form data to administrators and/or users every time a form is processed
  • Several anti-spam options including Google reCaptcha, question/response fields, and honeypot fields


Other Custom Features:

Conditional Logic

Show or hide fields, change field values, or send specific notifications all based upon user input.

Multi-Part Forms

Easily break up long forms into multiple pages. Control animation and direction. Show a confirmation page.

Front-End Posting

Create posts, pages, or any custom post type from the front-end.

File Uploads

Add file upload fields to save files to your server or send them to Dropbox or Amazon S3 securely.

Layout and Styles

Easily create multi-column form layouts and beautifully styled form elements without mastering CSS.


Quickly create newsletter signup forms for your MailChimp account.


Use Ninja Forms to quickly create flexible newsletter signup forms for your AWeber email marketing account.

Constant Contact

Quickly create newsletter signup forms for your Constant Contact account.

Campaign Monitor

Quickly create newsletter signup forms for your Campaign Monitor account.


PayPal Express

Use PayPal Express to accept payments using your Ninja Forms.


Use Stripe to accept payments using your Ninja Forms.

CRM Integration

When someone fills out your form the most natural thing to do is send their data directly to your favorite CRM. Ninja Forms makes this easy with plenty of CRM integrations such as SalesForce, Batchbook, Zoho, Insightly, Capsule, etc.


Easily populate PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, or PowerPoint shows using

Excel Export

Export Ninja Forms submissions to an Excel file

PDF Form Submission

Easily create PDF copies of your form submissions

Text Message Notifications

Send text message notifications to a site administrator when a form has been submitted.

Save User Progress

Allow users to save their form progress and return later to complete their submissions.

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