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Live Chat
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If you run a business, taking advantage of one of the many live chat plugins out there is a good idea. Not only will it put you in direct contact with your potential customers, it will make your site live and interactive.

There are many reasons why using a chat plugin is smart for WordPress websites. Here are my top 4:

Access: If you’re going to be asking that people shell out their hard-earned dollars for your product or service, it’s only fair that you make yourself available to them to answer any questions they may have. In fact, one study showed that having a chat module on your site can increase conversions by 44 percent!


Customer Service: Having a live chat also shows that you’re available to your customers after they’ve made a purchase. This shows a confidence in your product and a willingness to extend the customer relationship.


Authority: A chat plugin makes your site look more official. As shallow as that may seem, perception can be everything in business. And giving off a vibe that you know your industry and that you’re willing to be there for your customers can only help you in the end.

Brand Reputation: This goes along with authority, but deserves its own mention. Your brand’s reputation follows you wherever you go. So getting a rep as a people pleaser and as a company that values its customers can go a long way toward making a good impression.

Features of Chat Plugins
  • Engage in real time and send targeted messages to your prospects
  • Choose live chat, help desk, voice chat, and a social toolbar
  • Visitors can ask questions through a live chat interface or call in using voice chat on Google Talk or Skype to speak with a customer service representative
  • Manage emails and offline chat messages
  • Built-in ticketing system
  • View website visitors in realtime
  • Take chats and calls on mobile devices, hold conferences, produce reports, and save chat transcripts
  • Click-to-translate feature to answer questions in any language
  • Send and receive files
  • Display social media info on the chat widget for further communication options.
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